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IBA 2018 15th. to 20st. 2018--Solutions of Aluminum Foil Packaging for Bakery and Food

Date:2018年12月4日 15:27
We,Shanghai ABL Baking Pack, attend the IBA 2018 from 15th. to 21st.. Booth NO. A6 166.
IBA, as leading trade fair, has been the meeting place for experts of the bakery, pastry, 
and snack trade since 1949. It is the platform for innovations from the entire trade and provides a complete overview of all novelties on the market. The most successful companies from artisan bakeries, via wholesale bakeries, through to the industrial solution meet up here.
IBA is the international meeting place for bakers, pastry chefs, restaurateurs, café owners, hotel professionals, and caterers as well as decision makers from the food retail market.
The portfolio includes:
Production technology and equipment
Process optimisation
Cleaning and hygiene
Information technology
Finished products
Frozen products
Energy, ventilation and air-conditioning technology
Laboratory and measuring instruments
Operating sites
We have shown all the aluminum foil packaging solutions for bakery & food, including colorful laminated aluminum foil baking cups and trays, sealable smooth wall aluminum foil food containers, regular wrinkle wall foil pans and foil papers.
Especially we displayed the latest design of cups and trays for bakery, AP420, AP630, AP108, AP090,AP068 etc.
To get more information of our Aluminum Foil Packaging Solution for Bakery and Food, you can view our product pages.

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